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Jobs: Hundreds of fast-food workers to strike over fair pay

If you have to work in the fast food joints to make a living, then there is something wrong with you.

On the other hand, I made a similar comment on my other post about "tipping in the restaurant" //p[1973062] earlier that some countries in this world treat the F&B service jobs seriously and do not rely on tip alone.

But in the fast food

Immigration: Australia unveils major changes to citizenship process

... reports that applicants would be quizzed on whether they supported forced child marriage or female genital mutilation,...

WTF! What kind of question is this? If they are debating that the Aussie is respecting the women and child value, what about the treatment to the native "aborigins" for the past 300 years?

South Pacific islands ban western junk food and go organic

Good! That's how they should do. The fact that many locals are pushing more and more of traditional cuisine proofs that processed food is not good for your health.

Of course for a small island like this, it's easier to do than done. Try it in a bigger country. The people's mindset will take sometimes to

Heaven on earth

The town of Matamata in the Waikato with it's rolling hills and emerald green grass was the perfect setting for the peaceful Shire region of Middle-earth, the home of the village of Hobbiton.

This area of New Zealand is one of the richest agricultural and pastoral areas in the world and is characteristically as a large fertile basin through


Are you a true blue Aussie? Take the new, improved Australian citizenship test

Marriage counselor? Fosters!
Shark Harpoon? Fosters!
Mosquito Trap? Fosters!
Australian for Beers!

Aha ah aha! This is probably the most honest citizenship test that i ever seen. Well, it's not trivial and doesn't need a history education for the applicant. Just look around you and you should know it.

Maybe they should do it

It now costs more to live in Auckland than Sydney for an expat

Men, for whatever it is, the cost of living always correlated with local inflation and their currency value. It ain't matter which city in the world that more expensive, if the government and a handful of people still controlling the economy.

BTW, they didn't mention any city in Venezuela where milk could run into the hundreds of dollars!


Expat Fijian 'idiot' files MIDA complaint

Well, I guess the word "freedom of expression" is not valid in Fiji!

He has the right to sue the media. After all, the media who on the surface that shouldn't be bias is now under investigation. This is probably the fun thing to test whether the government justice system is working properly or


New asylum laws pave the way for third-country resettlement, Peter Dutton says

What a bunch of crap! Keep feeding these small countries money is the one that kept their mouth shut about the maltreatment of immigrant or asylum seeker in Australia.

People should learn from history that the British empire used to cover all corner of the world. Australia dump money to a local corrupt government in exchange of running this


New Zealanders are Australia's most unhappy expats

...because they don't get the same access to government benefits like other immigrants do.

If the government benefits are the one you expect when you migrate to other country, then you better stay at your current place.

No one want to be dependent on government especially their welfare program. Deep down their


Painful road to Rio

One guy that just made 20K women scream. Pita Taufatofua, a Tae Kwon Do athletes from Tonga, bare chested and walked into the stadium oiled with coconut oil as a flag bearer, amazed everyone that watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

The long journey of an athletes that suffers many broken bones to get into the Olympics has made a name


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