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Gulf Expats Feeling The Pinch As Jobs Face The Axe

Aha! And now, the region that filled with richness must succumb to greed and taxes imposed by the government.

It's interesting that housing market only want 1 year contract while they can make more money by going month to month and charge extra... if they want to like the one in the US apartment

Oman expats: Remittances to India dip post note scrapping

The dip is not because it's hard to send, but because it's hard to cash the money back to paper Rupees back home.

And if I were them, I convert it to bitcoin and keep it safe and when the price goes up, you could convert it back to Rupees after the money crisis is slightly calmed


Colorful Oman

During my 3 days stay in Oman, I was able to explore a little of its northern countryside, in the areas of Hatta, Sohar and Buraimi. Aside from fishing, which is what Oman is known for (sharing it on a separate article), the country is also known for the Al Hajar Mountains which it shares with the United Arab Emirates. The Al Hajar Mountains


Expat workers in Oman forced to give up gratuity for NOC

Typical company BS to avoid paying severance package to employee that being laid off, demoted or leaving with good records.

This is not only occurs in Oman, but the western country such as US as well. The only thing different, in Oman, those expats that primarily are coming from low income family back in their home country doesn't have a


Road accidents dip 37% in Oman

Everything you could possibly want to know about traffic accidents in Oman. Though, I'm not sure what conclusions you can draw from this data, or how it will help you be a safer


Expats arrested for selling rotten meat in Oman

Now! That's a great reason to become a


Spotlight on expat property purchase laws in Oman

A short article, which concludes with a very good point:

He continued: "Oman is safe, but investors with big money want to see a clear framework of buying, responsibilities, and obligations which has not yet done."

In many places, Foreigner can't buy property. That often results in complicated schemes to bypass


around-1-2C200-nepalese-residents-are-yet-to-convert-their-handwritten-passports-to-machine ...

"One of the main reasons why a few residents have still not converted to MRPs is because their passports are usually kept under the company's supervision."

1200 people? Do you believe that there are some countries that still using paper passports in this 21st century? Judging from the statement above, I keen to believe that they are


5 Killer Tips to Avoiding Labor Disputes

What do labor disputes stem from?

No employer welcomes any labor disputes. Once they knock on your door, you will have no way but to struggle hard for a resolution. Otherwise, the consequences can be unanticipated, hitting badly your business and the whole operations. Of course, any labor dispute prevention is always better than any

Global: Top 10 Manpower Hardest to Fill in 2015

Skilled trade workers have topped the list of hardest manpower to find in 2015, which is followed by such roles as sale representatives, engineers, etc.

Positions hardest to fill in 2015

According to Talent Shortage Survey by Manpower Group on about 42,000 recruitment managers in 42 countries, skilled trade workers have been leading the


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