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PECHS Housing Society Islamabad Near New Islamabad Airport is a Golden Investmen

PECHS housing society the developed housing society lying at the boundary of the new islamabad international airport on fateh jang road.

the society is giving out plots on installments as well as plots in developed and developing blocks are available on cash.

this is the high time to invest in pechs society as prices are reasonable and as

Sh Mohammed Akram Nazir Profile

Law office of Akram Nazir

as founded in 1994 is one of the competitive and reliable law service provider in the city of Lahore , a busiest commercial metropolis of Pakistan. The law office is offering eminent legal services in a wide array of practice areas using best of its expertise , skill and honest hard work. Our expanding practice has

muhammad ashraf (16) Profile



Dedication to work, desire

for continuous improvement and professional honesty are the valuables of success. I believe in sharing of knowledge and looking forward positively to be more successful in life.

5.Professional Profile:

a. Mari Gas Rig 1

b.Retired from Pakistan Air

Ammad System Administrator

:::: Summary Assistant System Administrator (System Operations) and over 05 years of progressively responsible IT experience. Reputation for dedicated teamwork, high-energy work ethic, delivers results consistently on time and within budget. Ability to learn new technology quickly and introduce changes in process to achieve targets and

Supply Motorola,Kenwood,Icom,Yaesu two way radio,walkie talkie,repeater,mobile r

We are selling two way radio, walkie talkie, mobile radio, handheld radio, ht, repeater as the brand of Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu and so on, also selling battery, charger,

Aire Lounge

Product Description

Air Lounge, the amazingly comfortable, amazingly convenient sofa, lounger, recliner and fold out bed, all in one. plug in the Jet Propulsion Pump and in less than 3-minutes, the Air Lounge inflates into a full sized sofa that fits perfectly into any room in your home. unfold it and instantly, it converts into a an

Sauna Belt

Product Description

Sauna belt is traditionally recognized as fast safe weight loss tools for weight loss. The heat pad (temperature control by digital remote) on the belt will melt away the unwanted fat from your body tissue and organ surroundings. The heating power from the belt increases your body metabolism and improves your system.

Fitness Pump

Product Description

The Fitness Pump works the Chest Muscels, the Shoulders, the Back Muscels, the biceps and the triceps.

It also helps tone your abs, so you are working your way to a sexy six pack without even thinking about it. It even tones your legs and buns through the principle of static tension so you are working your entire

Ab Rocket Twister

Product Description

AB Rocket Twister:

Launch Yourself into Amazing Abs with the Ab Rocket twister!

Strengthen your core by rocking back and forth for easier crunches, reverse crunches, oblique exercises and more. The innovative seat design gives you an option to twist and turn your lower body to maximize your work-out. Three

MetaSlim Oil

Product Description

What is MetaSlim?

MetaSlim is a proven weight loss treatment which uses the most essential of naturals extract to combat this deadly problem. By using MetaSlim regularly the excess of fat/weight can be reduced and the body can gain the desired shape. This also helps in keeping in controlling on ailments such as High

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