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Mariah Carey has new boyfriend after breakup with ex just few months ago

After just few months when Mariah Carey confirmed she broke up with his businessman ex-boyfriend, now she confirmed she has a new boyfriend, who is his back-up dancer.

Oh, that is so quick to move on and find a new one. It is just normal to a lot of celebrities

Rowan Atkinson

From Mr. Bean movies to Johnny English played by the actor from London, Rowan Atkinson is my funniest movies I have watched. He is hilarious and really a good comedian. With all the tactics he used, even he seldom speak but its actions speaks more making it more

Filipino expat remittances from UAE hit $1.9 billion

Enough of these remittance craps! This is why Duterte was so pissed of to his predecessor to not be able to provide jobs to locals.

The fact that remittance is increasing proved that lots of locals are pursuing the work abroad since there are no jobs in the country. And what Duterte gets: Millions of drug dealers and users that has faced his

Trump: American Flag Burnt In Philipines

This is an example of the hatred the world is going to be having for the newly elected president of America Donald Trump, i never knew the Philippines are also watching and noticing what Trump has been doing, this a good sign that Trump might not complete his tenure as the president of America, there will be tendency of pressure coming from


Mr Bones

This commit movie was acted in south Africa and it portray the African side of life and it was full of laughter from the beginning to the end of the movie you laugh, the actors were really good with the movie and it was also


Shrek remains the funniest to me, i have seen so many others, i just think Shrek tops it.

Most EDDIE MURPHY movies are always top up for me when it comes to comedy.

It's a pity this time, i really don't have much time to follow up on

What's the funniest movie you have seen?

I love movies and my favorite genre is comedy. I have seen a lot of comedy films but a lot of them were just so lame. My favorite comedy film has been "Little Man" which starred the Wayans brothers. I also love both the "Pitch Perfect" and its sequel. It is so funny especially Rebel Wilson. How about you guys? What's your favorite comedy

How to start working here?

I just registered on this wonderful site but i have difficulty yet on how to begin earning here. Anyone can help me please? Thank You in advance to those who have good heart that will reply my

Petty crimes are what lead many Filipino expats to jails

the policy allowing tourist visa holders to freely enter the country and modify it to a working visa, more and more Filipinos invite their families, relatives and friends to visit the UAE

That's exactly the main problem in the middle east and also with people from other Asian countries.

The promised of making

End Of The US Empire? Russian Warships Just Arrived In The Philippines

I agree completely with this article. As much as I respect Chomsky since he was my mentor when I was in college, his theory stick up till now.

Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Korea are the only countries where the US can run their foreign policy freely against China. And look what happen now, Korea and Taiwan are crumbling, the Philippines


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