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What's the funniest movie you have seen?

I love movies and my favorite genre is comedy. I have seen a lot of comedy films but a lot of them were just so lame. My favorite comedy film has been "Little Man" which starred the Wayans brothers. I also love both the "Pitch Perfect" and its sequel. It is so funny especially Rebel Wilson. How about you guys? What's your favorite comedy

How to start working here?

I just registered on this wonderful site but i have difficulty yet on how to begin earning here. Anyone can help me please? Thank You in advance to those who have good heart that will reply my

Petty crimes are what lead many Filipino expats to jails

the policy allowing tourist visa holders to freely enter the country and modify it to a working visa, more and more Filipinos invite their families, relatives and friends to visit the UAE

That's exactly the main problem in the middle east and also with people from other Asian countries.

The promised of making

End Of The US Empire? Russian Warships Just Arrived In The Philippines

I agree completely with this article. As much as I respect Chomsky since he was my mentor when I was in college, his theory stick up till now.

Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Korea are the only countries where the US can run their foreign policy freely against China. And look what happen now, Korea and Taiwan are crumbling, the Philippines


Armed Men Linked To Muslim Rebels Free More Than 150 From Philippine Prison

I hope they know what they are doing on this particular issue, the rate at which terrorism is increasing in the world is just something else, i also hope they won't go out and increase the rate of terrorism. I would have suggested they keep them in prison for the mean time.

Millions of dollars paid to free Indonesian hostages

I cannot believe that there is no ransom paid to free up the hostages taken by the rebel group. Rebel people was not hear any good negotiation instead for the ransom. People who did not know what behind for taking free the hostages can say that there is a good negotiation but the truth is they paid millions of

What Australia should learn from President Duterte's war on drugs

I somewhat agree with the author. What occurs in Philippine can't be implemented in Australia. But with so many choke point in both countries, the Philippines has done a better job to clean up the streets from drugs dealers and pushers.

Yes, Aussie should learn from Duterte instead keep kissing US's ass on drug


Philipines President Admits killing Suspects

The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte admits to killings of suspected criminals during his time as the mayor of Davao City. This news, to me further fuels the ember of controversies surrounding him since he became the president of the Philippines. What do you guys thinks about this?

Rodrigo Duterte Says Donald Trump Endorses His Violent Antidrug Campaign - New York Times

Well, politic is liquid. Whatever he said now, could be changed once he's in the office. In fact that he's not being inaugurated and making promise as such should be considered 100% bull cookies.

Duterte might be a different president and so is Trump. But Trump runs the country with a bunch of maniacs. Duterte on the other hand is trying to


Philippine dictator Marcos buried with military honours at heroes' cemeter... - Reuters

Well, look on the bright side; It's finally over and now, please get on with your life people!

I can understand what Marcos did to the Philippines people and to the country, but the legality is now closed. Those of you who has suffer during his martial law might remember how cruel his totalitarian regime was.

Put it behind people, and


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