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Crimean Peninsula

This place is located at Eastern Europe, Near the Black Sea and Sea of Azov and it's Main City is Sevastopol. Even Crimean is a large country it has so little population not more than Two Million and two hundredth plus people. Most tribe who lives here are composed of four ethnic groups. They're The Russians, Ukrainians, Crimean Tartars, and


Politics: Think tank with ties to Putin reportedly had plans to sway election in Trump's favor

What about the US intentionally meddled in the foreign country election? They do this on the surface and without needing any think tank to do it. Heck, with the amount of intelligence on the floor, they could do whatever they want.

But this time, the US lost because Putin realizes the power of social media, which is another US creation. Only

Cocktail Black Russian

Cocktail Black Russian is the older brother of White Russian cocktails. He did it in the late 1940s in Brussels, a Belgian barman in honor of the US Ambassador. There are different variations of this cocktail, but the base is much the same only differing proportions.

The ingredients for a cocktail:

50 ml of


Faberge egg for chess

This amazing egg contains a set of playing chess in terms of entertainment of the imperial Romanov family in Russia. Just fantastic to what has been done so beautiful and just the fact that inside contains a set of chess is amazing. Every time again admire these amazing things that have been made long ago. Always amazes me anew human dexterity


Found new Faberge egg

Egg he found one trader metals by accident and then it was found that this is yet another in a series of missing the famous golden eggs. Of course, in the world of art immediately reached a high price because it is a church with the Red Square in


Faberge egg with portraits

Portraits of the entire royal family are built into the egg because it is made for the Russian Empire. Beautiful marquetry combined with images makes this egg and one of the most beautiful in the collection. It is astonishing that this egg and can open and it contains another similar


Castle in the egg

Egg which contain an entire city is an incredible challenge for every artist. Faberge's world was and remains No. 1 for such things. I think that so far no one has managed to repeat. How much patience he was need to develop the entire city in miniature, it's simply


Beautiful Orthodox egg

By me this is one of the most beautiful eggs from the Faberge collection. It's done with the Orthodox motif in all its splendor with wings that open to the side. Amazing technique has resulted in this diamond in the collection. incredible richness of Orthodoxy presented in an


Politics: Trump reinforces turnaround on Syria and Russia

Of course, Trump is Putin poodle after all. Worse, even Tillerson was one of them since he was one of the few American who was awarded civilian highest honor by Putin.

I bet you that Trump find out that the chemical weapon comes from the US through the Saudi as a result of CIA operations in

Politics: Trump shifting positions at breakneck pace

So, his relationship with Putin and the Russian is still the one that baffled the American people. Well, of course, after the FBI revelation that one of his staff members was legally wiretapped due to his involvement as a foreign agent, and other intelligence leaks, Trump still hasn't make a stand with Putin.

I bet you he got lots of

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