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US, Russian officials meet as Kremlin accuses US of 'robbery' over dachas

As far as I know when an official state house even in the foreign country belongs to those who own it, especially a diplomatic house. That's the reason the legality on top of it is used their law and not the country where's it resides.

So, the US has power over anyone on the planet including the Russians. Makes you wonder why the Russian, if


Magnitude 7.8 quake hits off Russia's Kamchatka, tsunami threat passes away: USGS

Magnitude 7.8 is very strong that it can make buildings collapse. Good thing, the epicenter of the earthquake is far from the mainland. Our country was recently devastated by a strong earthquake in Visayas, and the people there were still undergoing restoration and recovery. I experienced a strong earthquake 27 years ago and it is really

Interesting facts about the World War I

We all know some things about the Great war. Here are some interesting facts that maybe some of you did not know.
Germans were the first that used the flamethrower. It could reach 40 meters.
More that 65 million people was in this war.
More than 15 million people lost their lives in this war, and more than 20 millions were


Trump, in Poland, Asks if West Has the 'Will to Survive'

It's kinda interesting about Dumbo's political BS that he appreciate Duda, the Polish minister to buy patriot missile to tackle the Russian missile, while the next day, he met with his boss, Kamerad Putin?

It's all pure business with Dumbo. Forget about politics. He doesn't know anything as long as he makes money from it.

US diplomat blasts China and Russia for 'holding the hands' of North Korean leader

Haleys is an idiotic biatch! Lots of countries in the world are starting to get tired of US wars everywhere in the world. What worse is that the US wants something in return afterwards.

Since WW2, only Germany and Japan that loose the war become an industrialized nation. That's because they already have a good and solid industry prior to the


Russian modern music

I do not like Russian performers, but I really liked this song, it has a great rhythm. I do not know Russian and I do not know what are they sing about but just because of the rhythm it is worth listening to this song. Although for you men to look for because there are cool girls and Russian girls are known for their beauty.


Video Thumb Nail

The Kremlin's Investment in Trump Is Paying Off - The Atlantic

That's exactly the point. Dumbo has become Putin's poodle for sometimes now. The Russian ain't dumb either. They know that Dumbo is weak with women and money. Heck, his first wife is from East Europe anyway. And now, his third were also from the former Soviet bloc.

But nothing more dreadful than money. He owes the Russian lots of money. The


Trump AWOL On Stopping Next Russian Election Hack

Why bothers? Dumbo doesn't want the machines and US cyber security to be fixed. He want the US fall into Russia anyway. Or perhaps the reason he doesn't want to fix it because the hacker is one of his own.

And besides, why Russian. We all know that Dumbo collaborated with the Russian anyway. So, consider that he is Putin's poodle at this


Historian uncovers diaries from Nazi siege of Leningrad documenting cannibalism during famine

That's not surprising. The Germans besieged the city for so long and do not allow any humanitarian efforts to go in either. The Russian survived with help of mother nature. Those Germans couldn't even stand the Russian winter.

Similarly, when Stalin left his own people to famine due to his cruelty, the people in this area plus Siberia were


FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017

The 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup will be the 10th FIFA Confederations Cup, a quadrennial international men's football tournament organized by FIFA. It will be held in Russia, from 17 June to 2 July 2017, as a prelude to the 2018 FIFA World


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