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Trump worries European allies before inauguration - Los Angeles Times

If I'm an EU person, I ignore this senile and delusional maniac comment especially on Twitter.

Seriously, with EU, he could just make one trade contract instead of 28. Even with one, the commerce department and the rest of the US cabinet couldn't handle the issue moreover 28 countries.

But, I think he wants to split the EU similar what

Trump Asks If Outgoing CIA Chief Was Leaker of 'Fake News' - Bloomberg

No. Slicky Willy leaks that information on Fake News! Duh!

What difference does it make? We all know that the US always used propaganda material. Regardless it's fake or not, the more important thing is that the people believe in

18 years old boy falls to death from Europe tallest tower

A 18 years old boy has been reportedly confirmed dead after he fell the cliff of the tallest Europe tower located in Russia.

I really don't understand how he could take such risk all in the name of take a selfie. It is a pity he didn't live to tell the


The Russians have a superhero for the race

The film "Guardians" or in Russian "Zaschitnika" the new Russian film about a superhero in the Cold War. The announcement of the film, but critics suggest that the movie really promising.
The film is about the Soviet superheroes in the Cold War. Their group consists of representatives of the different nationalities of the USSR, and every


When Trump and Putin sit down together, what will it be like? - Washington Post

I think they will french kiss each other. Perhaps Putin will let Trump slept on his bed in his house in Sochi. After all, the relationship between these two has been going on for decades since the collapsed of Soviet

Trump Received Unsubstantiated Report That Russia Had Damaging Information About Him - New York Times

Even if Cohen never entered Prague legally, he could just stay at the airport where the meeting took place inside the airport or Trump private jet.

The fact is this MI6 agent is quite credible would open another investigation about this massive spy network among the two

Russian Hackers Gained 'Limited' Access to RNC, Comey says - New York Times

"no longer in use" computer? WTF! Bottom line was if they can get in, that means the entire US cyber defense already been penetrated regardless the computer is used or not.

Now, more important question, what did the hackers get from the "old" GOP

Winter Palace

Picture of Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. It is the second largest museum in Europe and one of the most beautiful in the world which can be seen in the photograph.
Winter Palace is located on the banks of the River Neva and the royal family has lived in the winter. Its really like a fairy tale and I'd like to visit once.


Donald Trump: Only 'Stupid People' want Bad US Ties With Russia

I agree with him on this one, i don't know what people in the country think they are doing, may be they think sitting a problem between the United states of America and Russia will do them good, they might be joking.


End Of The US Empire? Russian Warships Just Arrived In The Philippines

I agree completely with this article. As much as I respect Chomsky since he was my mentor when I was in college, his theory stick up till now.

Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Korea are the only countries where the US can run their foreign policy freely against China. And look what happen now, Korea and Taiwan are crumbling, the Philippines


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