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3 US States Turn Down Russian Requests to Monitor Elections - New York Times

"Nothing more than a PR stunt"? Heck, what the US doing in many third world countries was by forcing themselves to get involved with local election process.

At least the Russian asked first, POLITELY! And not like the US who encroach other country sovereignty by fooling around with their


Commentary: Why Putin is unleashing his only aircraft carrier

It's simple! He wants to show the world that even the Russian capable to fight far away from their home base. In fact, these deployment equal the entire US navy 6th fleet that based in Naples, Italy.

Putin just want to mess thing around in the Mediterranean. In fact, he could send lots of squadron to Syria and fly over there. But this is a


Russian hacker sought by US arrested in Czech Republic - Fox News

Oh! And now, the US will undoubtedly request for his extradition to the country and be prosecuted there. But, he's Russian and of course Kamerad Putin ain't gonna let that happen easily.

The question is what proof that he was the one that hacked the US system. LinkedIn is a social network that runs in a cloud system everywhere in the world.


Putin says the West can 'screw themselves' over the threat of more Russian sanctions

Good for him! At least he stands up against the US and their EU cronies. That's the reason why Putin wants to do business with each and individual nation in EU instead of making it bundled together. He already knows that the EU is basically a bunch of capitalist conglomerates controlled without anything toward his country

World Championship FIFA 2018

In Moscow of course! I mean in Russia. But we will glad to see foreign tourists in our city as much as they are able to come. I like when city lives fast and with speed. And this video clip is just about drive and energy that football can


US prepped for massive cyber assault on Russia - New York Post

the CIA should "embarrass" the Kremlin by exposing financial dealings of Putin and his cronies.

I'm waiting for that moment. In fact, I dare the CIA, NSA and the rest of three letters US agency to do that to the public. Better if they send it to WikiLeaks to be published permanently.

I don't think this is real.


Banner of Russia's Putin hung from New York City bridge - Reuters

Aha ha ha! Could be those crazy Trump supporter. Perhaps they might be right about one thing. Due to the situation in US, no one trust Obummer anymore. Plus everyone knows that Trump has lots of Russian investor behind him or even perhaps hacking team that specifically hacked the DNC.


US abandons efforts to work with Russia on Syria - Washington Post

Not surprising here. You see, the US wants Assad regime collapse so they can install a friendly dictator that listen to Washington. Of course the Russian support Assad since they want to have the port in the Mediterranean Sea so they can get the concession on fossil fuel and mineral resources that they can get. Plus if they have a port, the


Khachanov Ousts Sousa In Chengdu

20 year old Russian tennis player Karen Kcachanov had the most shocking match so far in this tournament in Chengu. He won against 7 seed Joao Sousa without any big effort, 2 0 in sets. Sousa had to many unforced errors and that definitely was not his


'Barbaric': UN officials condemn Syria's Aleppo bombardment - CNN

Who are they called 'barbaric'? The US, NATO, Russia or the Syrian military? Think about this, where did the Syrian military get their weapons and ammunition? Russia and US are behind it nonetheless.

No need a ceasefire. In their book, the more people can be killed, the better. Civilian, those people are just collateral


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