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Lindsey Graham, Democrats plan probes of Russia hacking - CNN

What happen if the GOP and Democrats find out that the hacking was done from inside? What happen if GOP hacked DNC and leaked that data to WikiLeaks while the DNC did the same thing to the GOP?

Does he think that Putin and his Russian cyber army is so stupid that they need to hack the US election? The GOP is dumber than the DNC in this case,


Russian propaganda is using Facebook, other social media sites to manipulate American voters - Salon

Dude! Trolls exist all over the network. Even if you believe that the Russian is behind most of those fake news, conspiracy and propaganda, the dumber part is the people who believe that such thing are real.

The key is still the people who do the actual vote and not the news itself.


Russia's border doesn't end anywhere, Vladimir Putin says

Aha ha ha! What Putin meant was that Russia will try to protect their interest whenever there is another Russian in trouble whenever they are. This is similar to the US foreign policy where they intentionally encroach other people sovereignty.

I think Putin made a statement here to the point that his comment would be heard all over the world


Putin withdraws Russia from International Criminal Court

You know why? So they do not have to obey to the rules of war. The US and Russia withdraw from ICC for that purpose. It will give them freedom on what weapon that they can use. Chemical, Biological, Nuclear are all in their arsenal to the point that they can use it on Syria as a


Russian Jet Crashes Off Syria While Trying to Land on Carrier Kuznetsov - New York Times

Don't tell me, an aging fighter without a proper maintenance was the cause of the crash?

What else is new. Lots of those Mig are not suitable to be used anymore. Seems the Russian will make money nonetheless since they can just bill the Syrian for the


Putin and Trump Talk on Phone and Agree to Improve Ties, Kremlin Says - New York Times

Aha ha ha! Putin is probably the happiest world leaders on the planet when he saw that Trump won the election. Why not! The relationship between US and Russia has been deteriorating since Obama took office. Worse, the US and EU even embargo Russia after the Crimea incident to the point that it made Putin mad as


Michael McFaul, US ex-ambassador, banned from entering Russia

I guess Kamerad Putin starts earlier than most world leader to start banning anyone who associated with Obama or Democrats. Holy craps!

While the rest of the world still waiting for the exact and actual result of the election, Putin has taken one step forward to banned anyone who sanction the Russian


Homo Putinicus

Well, it's not about the law, but the concept of a nation should not be formalized other than the "de facto" or "de jure" that already been delineated under the UN convention.

Does Kamerad Putin want to revive the USSR regime? Or change the Russian path on their new foreign policy is much more important to


Clinton camp says FBI should say what it knows about Trump's Russia ties - Reuters

Well, no need the FBI to dig in deeper. Even the IRS, SEC and the state of New York already know the connection between Trump and eastern European team.

From the beginning, the Trump tower was built by the Polish illegals construction workers and then after the fall of USSR, most of the Russian are investing on Trump property. Where do you


How Vladimir Putin's Russia has rehabilitated 1,000 years of despotic rulers

What a pathetic article. Although Putin is showing his mighty Russian military in Syria and all over Europe, there is no way that his country could become like the old USSR. Hey, no one want to become isolated anymore.

Besides, with the arrival of the internet, everyone wants to make mark all over the world and not want to live like a


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