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Russian Federation: Constitutional Court Allows Country to Ignore ECHR Rulings

(May 18, 2016) On April 19, 2016, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation (RF) ruled for the first time that a decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) cannot be implemented in Russia because measures aimed at its implementation would contradict the Russian Constitution. (Press Release, RF Constitutional Court,


Russian Fighter Jet Buzzes US Air Force Reconnaissance Plane Within 50 Feet - ABC News

"The U.S. aircraft was operating in international airspace and at no time crossed into Russian territory,"

Why don't they tell the public how far they are from the Russian border? If it's an international airspace, then the Russian and everyone in the world has a right to be there.

"This unsafe and


Collected Department Releases: Daily Press Briefing - April 14, 2016

John Kirby Spokesperson Daily Press Briefing Washington, DC April 14, 2016 Index for Today's Briefing SYRIA IRAQ DEPARTMENT SYRIA/RUSSIA/IRAQ PAKISTAN AFGHANISTAN JAPAN NORTH KOREA EGYPT RUSSIA DEPARTMENT MIDDLE EAST PEACE PROCESS DEPARTMENT TRANSCRIPT: 2:06 p.m. EDT MR KIRBY: Look at this, we got a full house


Number of US Expats in Russia Has Fallen By 79%

I think it's more than just US expats. I have a friend from Netherlands and Philippines who are also leaving Russia. Things are pretty bad since the ruble does not have any value, in some sense, since Russia depends on its oil export. Of course to some it provide challenges. But for expats who work for money, plus the political instability in


The US and Russia Want the Draft of a New Syrian Constitution by August - TIME

Typical intelligence agency work. Overthrown foreign regime and then set up a friendly dictator so they can controlled. US and Russia made a deal to draft a new constitution of Syria. Imagine that! A civilization that has existed for more than 2000 years but now how to succumb to modern ideology of divide and conquer of the 21st

Israel: Priest Accused of Sexual Offenses Involving Minors to be Extradited to Russia

(Feb. 19, 2016) On February 16, 2016, the Supreme Court of Israel rejected an appeal against the extradition of a Russian priest accused of committing sexual offenses in


Russian Women, They're Just Not That Into You

I don't blame them. During Putin first term, he build up Russia into more developed country similar to the west. Thus discouraging Russian women to go to the west, especially to the US as a mail order brides. But now, although the economic are tanking, they realize that live outside Russia is not better compare to live at home. Well! I could


An alleged rape sparked tensions between Russia and Germany. Now police say it

Mixing cultures with such a large gap of differences among them never brought any


Russia reportedly names US as threat to national security for first time - Fox News

Putin hate Obama and Obama hate Putin. If these two jokers mobilize their military and start shooting each other, the result will be so devastated to the planet that we know it.

I wonder, why US and Russia can get along into building International Space Station? Maybe space is the answer of peace and freedom. Let's go into space then and


Russia: Supreme Court Ruling on Sports Contracts

(Dec. 9, 2015) On November 24, 2015, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation issued a ruling on resolving labor disputes involving athletes and sports team

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