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Khachanov Ousts Sousa In Chengdu

20 year old Russian tennis player Karen Kcachanov had the most shocking match so far in this tournament in Chengu. He won against 7 seed Joao Sousa without any big effort, 2 0 in sets. Sousa had to many unforced errors and that definitely was not his


'Barbaric': UN officials condemn Syria's Aleppo bombardment - CNN

Who are they called 'barbaric'? The US, NATO, Russia or the Syrian military? Think about this, where did the Syrian military get their weapons and ammunition? Russia and US are behind it nonetheless.

No need a ceasefire. In their book, the more people can be killed, the better. Civilian, those people are just collateral


Inglot/Kontinen Save Match Point To Take St. Petersburg Title

Tournament in Russia, St Petersburg is now over officially. Inglot and Kontinen saved match point and turn over the whole match in their favor to win their first ATP world title. It was really interesting match from this two newly-formed team mates. Well


Is Talented Teen Kasatkina A Karaoke Queen?

Young Russian star Daria Kasatkina lost against Serena Williams in 3rd round of Australian Open. Now, who is better at karaoke? Is Serena Williams going to win there as well? There is a video, karaoke battle, well not battle but karaoke, with those two tennis player. Fun as


In Syrian War, Russia Has Yet to Fulfill Superpower Ambitions - New York Times

Of course the Russian retains themselves in Syria. Their have more political ambitions rather than showing their mighty military power and whoops anyone asses.

Russia intention is to help Assad to gain more ground so they can have access to Syrian port of oil. That was the intention of Russia all along. If they can have it, then the US


Berdych, Raonic Visit Iconic St. Petersburg Site

Well, they needed to relax between matches, so they visited St. Isaac's Cathedral. One of the good things of being tennis player is that you travel all over the world and that you can actually visit some cool places while you are relaxing between


Lorenzi, 34, Keeps Winning In St. Petersburg

Well, this Italian tennis player started good in St Petersburg. He passed in next round after win against Mischa Zverev. Paolo Lorenzi is a senior tennis player, with over 15 years of career and he does know how to act in difficult situation. Opponent had two match point but amazing Lorenzi saved and won whole match. Congratulations!


Former Champion Youzhny Ready For St. Petersburg Open

Yeah, he didn't lie. We did see today, how well is he prepared. After all, he is senior tennis player, over 15 years of experience, finally something good in this season after all that bad season that passed. Even though that he had a lot of luck today, he did prove that he went in this tournament well


Berdych Hunting For Finals Berth In St. Petersburg

Well, it is going to be hard if he does same thing as he did in today's match. However I love that effort that he has and there is no doubt that is positive thing. He needs to bring his play to better level, we all know that he is serving like a beast, but he needs more to be a new title holder in St.


Zverev Takes #NextGen Battle In St. Petersburg

One more match passed in St Petersburg. Zverev had hard fight with Medvedev D. Even though that Medvedev is only 19 years old he did incredible performance against this pro tennis player. However, experience did win at the end, Zverev took him 2-1 in sets and advanced to the next round.


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