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Yes I do

I was born in a small town surrounded by mountains and hills, there was lot of pure nature around. My grandparents lived in a village and there were many paths and springs in the forests. When I was a kid I used to drink fresh and extremely cold water from stones and I was very


Yes, I drank the spring water in the mountains. As a child I spent summers with grandparents in mountainous terrain, I saw them home with spring water, and in the hiking I had the opportunity to drink water from a spring near the lake. Spring water is different, depending on where it originates, her tastes are different. But the essence for me

Yes, I did!

As a matter of fact I did that before.

My grandparents lives in the mountain. On the back of their village, there is this spring water that comes from the ground. The water is clean, cold, transparent tasteless and odorless. In fact, that might be the reason why my grandfather paid a low water bill every month since he tapped into the origin


@brainz that's a fun filled adventure I guess. I haven't had the chance to visit Ondo state but hopefully I will do someday. I was told Ekiti state has rocks and mountains more than Ondo state. When I pay a visit to Ondo state, I will get another taste of spring water from the rocks

Yes, I tried

I drank the pure water from the spring, and I drank bottled water from the store also spring. The water from the spring was cold and very refreshing. had no taste and was easy. Every day we buy water that is spring because the water that we have in the house is not clean enough to drink.


Unfortunately, I did not. Otherwise drink tap water, but I can buy a pack of 5 or 7 liters of water for which the manufacturer says it is spring, I'm talking of course about natural water, not mineral water. Otherwise, everything is a story that is in the water put antibiotics, so I'm not a supporter of water to be bought in supermarkets and

Not yet

I had never experienced drinking water from rock. If ever, I would like to try depending on the area. If it is assured that it us clean, I will try to drink. I would be picky because my stomach is delicate with water. If it is from a mountain, then it might really be


I've been in a protected natural area that's known for it's springs and I've drank from a lot of springs actually. Probably there's a bigger spring that moves the most of the water. It's really good and when I did it it was really hot, and the water was almost ice cold, so it was

Not yet

Not yet, but I can drink water from a rock if maybe I will go hiking. Definitely I can experience that. It sounds interesting and exciting to taste what do water from rock taste like. But I watching a lot of discovery channel that they do that.

Yes I Have

Growing up with friends and family that loves adventure has given me a lot opportunities to see nature and taste from nature, the first rock i drank water from is located In Ifon local government of Ondo state Nigeria and the second time was in Osun state. It was a fun time for me , reminiscing now just put a lot of smiles on my

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