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Singapore ranked world's most expensive city for expats for 4th straight year

That's right and even that, people is still splurging their money and proud that they bought clothes in Singapore. What a dumbass?

Look at the other way around. How in the world this small city state could become the most expensive place to live in the world? The answer is simple, everything is being controlled by the government. I don't

Singapore ranked nicest city to live in Asia for expats, with the best infrastructure in the world: Survey

Of course they are the best in term of infrastructure. The public transportation is primarily accessible from everywhere in this small city state.

But if you compare the cost of living and the income ratio, you will feel a pinch especially if you have family. But the city is clean and the health care is top

Singapore: 'I am bleeding money at a rapid rate in Singapore', expat from Melbourne

Everything cost money in Singapore. They designed the country that way. If you're a high class, you don't need to worry. If you're a middle class, well, you might be struggling depending on your lifestyle. But if you are labor, then ..... (fill in the blank!)

Anyway, the country is nice and clean although there are certain restriction


Immigration: Migrant group slam British govt for deporting grandmother

This is really stupid. The lady was living in Britain for that long. Heck, she might have a dual citizenship anyway since both countries allows it. Worse, Singapore was British colony until late 60's when they gain independence from Malaysia as a sovereign colony.

This is the impact of protectionism. Looks like May is on the path similar to


This expat knows much about sex

Hey, most people know that there are such thing in Singapore anyway. But the underground community is so tight that they even organizing the sex tour to Indonesian Batam island where it's also a duty free zone.

But I think that will nailed him is the pornographic material that he kept in his apartment. If they find that some of them

Singapore sentences Saudi diplomat to caning 'for molesting hotel intern'

One thing that I know in Singapore is that as much as they implement Sharia Law, this doesn't apply to certain people. Why? Because prostitution especially the high class one is running rampant in the country.

Another hypocrite is that if you bring lots of money to invest, they won't even bother to touch you nor extradite you in case you

Australia Pushes for TPP Without U.S. After Trump Exits Deal - Bloomberg

Another comedian here! TPP will actually destroy small country and those who doesn't have plenty of natural resources since all of them would be taken by the US.

Kangaroos, Kiwi and tax evaders countries should know better that it's better for the TPP to be

Luanda beats London, Hong Kong and Singapore as most expensive city for expatriates

I noticed that Luanda, Angola is one of the top ten most expensive city to live as an expat. The last bastion of communist country in Africa seems out of the question to some.

But to some people that enjoy the warmth beach and not to crowded environment compared to Hong Kong or Singapore, Luanda could be their best bet, although the jobs are

Give us back our troop carriers, Singapore urges Hong Kong

China has more leveraged against Singapore this time. Even Hong Kong is considered a Special Administrative Region of China, and they would probably return such military equipment back to Singapore, now the Chinese could pressure the Singaporean more.

They, of course could tell the Singapore to practice military in the China mainland instead

Expat numbers stable despite slowdown

And it will get worse unless the cost of living can be managed.

The problem with Singapore is all about money. Admitted that their city state is the cleanest in the world and their medical service is top notch, but it's all were build on tax evaders and money launderer that run away from their home


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