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Somalia: An Electoral Delegate Shot Dead in Mogadishu

This shows that the government is so corrupt to the extent that they are killing themselves, it is a pity that in Africa such things are happening, I hope the government are trying to secure the other members of the parliament because it seems that those killings will continue.

Somali fishermen complain about illegal vessels

If i am not mistaken, these should be able to send some species of fishes into extinction if proper measure is not taken to stop illegal fishing.

The government of Somalia should send navy patrol teams to those waters to check some of these activities, it is going to help a

Environment: In Somalia, a drought killed 110 people in just 48 hours

Even if you donate money and deliver food to them, it won't do any much damage other than give the donator a satisfaction in their lives.

The fact that the Somalian can't handle terrorism from Sudan and other region will make the country a hotbed for a terrorist training camp.

Heck, they don't care on how many people will die. The only

Asylum seekers from Ghana, Nigeria fleeing US for Canada brave snow, extreme cold

I don't really know what is pursuing most young and elderly Nigerian's from the country to no man's land.
Farhan Ahmed has just flew from Somalia because of death to the US and now he is running from US to Canada now.
What is all this suffering all about for, why not he coming back home to establish him self, where he can work freeing


US Deports 90 Back Home to Somalia

About 90 Somalia citizen were deported back to Somalia by the US Immigration in connection with the ambassador of Somalia in US.
Most of the Immigrant are people who have their asylum case either pending or denied by the legal immigration process or those that violate the US law and they are being punish for it.

Gunmen Launch fatal Somali Hotel Attack

Somalia unrest today by suicide bombers and gunmen.

One of the biggest Hotel in the capital city of Somali was attacked by a suicide bomb explosion and gunmen early this morning, and it was confirmed that
about seven people was killed for now.

It was also reported by the police that it was though that some of the parliament were also

Grassroots Programme A Success In Somalia

I was amazed when i saw those kids in Somalia on the TV playing football to become great players in the future, i really commend the works of the football association for initiating such program mes, it shows that Africa has a greater hope in the future.


Somalia elections: 'Huge corruption'

Well, after over quarter of century, Somalia never ever have a functional government. The civil war seems to be perpetuated by consistent terrorist on the ground and pirates on the sea.

When this thing would be over is god knows when. After all, those meatballs want their own country. Similar to the rest of smaller African country who gain


Three Kansas men calling themselves 'Crusaders' charged in terror plot targeting Muslim immigrants - Washington Post

Another @@sholes from Kansas! Duh! There are lots of immigrants working on the corn, wheat, soybean and food processing plant in the great plains. Lots of them are from Central America. But for the past decades, there are more African and middle eastern that works there.

I don't condone this type of behavior. But the issue here is just the


Kenya: Proposal to Forcibly Repatriate Somali Refugees

(Apr. 16, 2015) Following the April 2, 2015, deadly attacks at Kenya's Garissa University carried out by members of the Somalia-based terrorist organization known as Al-Shabaab, which resulted in the killing of 147 students, Kenya announced that it wants the Dadaab refugee complex closed immediately and its residents, who are all Somalis, moved

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