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Brazil Legend Ronaldo Tips Christiano Ronaldo Over Messi For The Ballon D'Or

Christiano Ronaldo deserves to be the world's best player of the year followed by Eden Hazard of Chelsea, even before the Brazilian international said it, i knew Ronaldo is going to beat Messi over the Ballon D'Or awards because it is judged by the number of trophies a player achieves in a season and Messi's Barcelona have not won a major

Woman Wearing Long Skirt and Rubber Sandals Wins 50 km Ultra-marathon

This is unbelievable, this shows that some people are naturally good not because of training or professionalism but she happened to do what no woman has done before, i can't really imagine someone putting on a rubber sandal to run a marathon race, it has never happened, not only that but with skirt, congratulations to her for beating the world


Guava - tropical fruit

Guava is a small tropical fruit is native to Central and South America. Guava has a sweet and sour taste as a combination of pears and strawberries. It has a typical odor, similar to the use of lemon, but less sharp. It is rich in copper, fiber, folic acid, iron, manganese, potassium, and vitamins A and


Politics: The Latest: Venezuela president offers Colombia assistance

In the midst of sorrow or disasters, it's customary for foreign entity to offer help to the embattled nations. But this offers wouldn't come with a catch. Santos ain't stupid either. He knows that Maduro wants something in return like support his regime in Venezuela.

I think it's better for Santos to ask favor from Correa in Ecuador since

Total Chaos: Venezuela's Maduro Vows to Fix Court Row Within Hours

Fix what? The country is on the way to become a full dictatorship system under the command of a bus driver.

How in the world, the Supreme Court dismiss the legislative body where they are the one that made the law and regulations? This leave the president as the sole author of the new law without getting input from the people.

On the

Venezuela: Running out of Food, Gas, Medicine...and Time

They need a strong revolution. But if the underground or opposition couldn't get hold of the military, then they would be in trouble. There will be many deaths just to topple one guy.

The longer they wait, the more miserable they are. Once a great and beautiful country is being consumed by corrupt and greedy politician and military who's

Machu Picchu

This is also one of the mysterious city on the planet too. He is one of my favorite by beauty. This is Inca citadel from 15th century build on a mountain ridge on 2400 meters high in Cusco region in Peru. It amazes me with its grandeur. For long time it was "Lost City of Incas" until 1911 year. Machu Picchu was built in classic Inca style and


Tihuanako stone city of giants

This mysterious city of admiration and today its very existence in the Andean highlands. In this area, the large earthquakes happen a city that is made of stone and arches standing still. I think that is big wonder even today. Giant stone monoliths were merged silver and copper wire. Today the opinion that the construction of the city was used


More Inmates Beheaded In Brazil Prison Riot

In God's name, i don't what is the government doing about it, this is becoming disastrous, are they tying to tell me they don't know how to calm the situation down?. This is not good at all, whatever the issue is, let them settle it and stop all these


Chilean Senator Named Presidential Candidate Of Center-Left Party

This is good for the senator, i am in support of him as far he is going there to to do it job in a very clean and accountable way, the world is looking for leaders that are open and kind to their people. I wish him well in his new


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