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Legal: No change in 15-year limit for expats hoping to vote in General Election

In other words, most of the UK expats who live in the EU can't do anything about it since lots of them have been outside the country for over 15 years.

Hey, who cares about this SNAP election anyway. The only thing that they concern about is their ability to stay where they are now with the same benefits when UK is still in EU. But when the

Chelsea lines up replacement for Eden Hazard

The blues are already thinking all head and are planning already for the absence of Hazard should he make a move to Real Madrid come this summer with the Spanish club putting up a mega money splash for the player who they have made their top target when the summer transfer window opens in July.

6 talking points from Juventus win over Barcelona

So, it is no longer news that Barcelona were stupefied yesterday. Juventus tore them apart with good ball play and swift counters. In this post you will get six quality talking points that can be gathered from the game.

I'd like to see how Barcelona responds to

Tower of Hercules

I envy the shooting of The legend of the Blue seas at Spain The Tower of Hercules according to the movie that the tower of Hercules when two people lost each other just visit the light house then one day you and that person will meet again. But at History told Hercules Tower is an ancient Roman lighthouse on a peninsula about 2.4 kilometers



Neymar is a player of the Football Club Barcelona from Spain.

He played for well known clubs in Europe where she later arrived in Barcelona, among other famous players such as Messi, Cristiano and many others showed his skill and talent on the Court where he became the best player.

Neymar is Starter career began in Brazil in the Soccer


Expats: Lives in limbo: Uncertainty looms for expats over Brexit

Bad news is better than no news at all. And now both sides seems to be tight lipped and wants to control everything. The EU will not negotiate anything unless the UK sign Article 50. But the UK wants something more in return.

This in limbo idiosyncrasy played by both sides will cost many people future. Especially the immigrants or


Chupa Chups

The popular brand that comes to us from Spain. Their use more lollipops for many years. Now we enjoy in their taste and daughter and me. Many candies are beautiful. More out of habit in the store buying a Chupa Chups. They always have some nice promotions. Last year we collected wrappers and edit them for school bag and school supplies. I like


Merkel 'CANCELS' talks on securing rights for UK expats living in the EU, reports claim

Well, Merkel is powerful because the EU depends on German's economy. The fact that the backbone of EU economy is primarily come from Germany, makes Merkel somewhat a de facto leader of EU. She even more powerful outside the paper that Brussels with Juncker is in higher rank than her.

But, worse come to worse, I don't think each individual

Will Spain's coal belt survive through online barter?

This is what "laissez faire" economy should be. I'm glad that there are some people even in the developed country like Spain understand the meaning of it.

Of course this is just a start. Soon or later, they would spread and learn the mistake the world had done toward their environment. The fact that government or any other elitist should not

Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias

Whitney was one of the best female vocalists ever with her wonderful and power voice which had a special power in side. her voice was like given by angels and every her song was turned in legend. This duet with Enrique is amazing and unforgettable, song for all times


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