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Youth Development and Juvenile Justice in Suriname

Youth Development and Juvenile Justice in Suriname ... Grantee: Pan American Development Foundation ... Local Sub-Grantees : Government of Suriname, Surinamese NGOs ... Duration : 4 years (Feb 2'13 - Feb 2'16) ... Total Project investment - $4,5'',''' ... Objective: To support youth development and juvenile justice reform in

Embeded YouTube: Living in Suriname ( facts and tips from Suriname)

++ I am living in Suriname for 6 years now, and love it here. Therefore I made a free newsletter about Suriname and Suriname animals, Suriname people and culture and virtual trips as well. Living in or traveling to Suriname is the best!.


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Embeded YouTube: Destination Suriname part one

Best made film ever with information for travelers to Suriname. The film is a good mixture of tourism and business information. Originally made for inflight entertainment purposes for AirFrance KLM. Produced by Caribbean Filmcom and directed by Michel


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casaba export partner

Look forward to met a partner to process and export casaba, I am in possession of 3ha cassava plants that have to be harvest, but do not have seals or treatment option is there anyone who is interested

Please contact me




A. Krijonadi


Looking for assistant in Suriname

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