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Vote for Vucic

Change Serbia, after the prime minister's explanation, means the following: 'In Switzerland, the children of 14, 15 years by opting for crafts, at the same time learn and work. The average time when in our youth begin to work for 30 years. Can our children to hang out at age 25 and when they ask what you're doing - that correspond to, wait a


Love of GIANT - Albert Einstein

This is an unusual story of two great men, lone occupied doctrine, which occurred love. Mileva Maric, Serbian scientist born in Titel, she met Albert Einstein in Zurich, where she was the only girl in the group, and only the fifth enrolled at Polytechnic University!
She was 21 and he was 17 years old. They understood they have been in many


China's Xi calls for a world without nuclear weapons

Interesting that Trump advocate more military prowess and Xi advocate a nuclear disbandment.

This Davos forum were a perfect time and place for China to take over the world economy. It's also used as a propaganda material by Xi and others.

And Trump! Well, he was busy with his hairstylist to prepare for

Xi says world needs China, U.S. to have stable relationship

Interesting that US send Biden as their representative although he only have 3 more days in his term.

Anyway, I was surprised that at least the high ranking official from Trump side is not there to talk to Xi and other about the world economy. Don't think that the US could do whatever they want with the world economy since now, the Chinese

Enter the Dragon: China goes big in Davos - and here's why

See! When Trump is going inward, the Chinese are going outward. The US influence the world and make most of the world as their minion would be done within 10 years.

No one can escape the Chinese foreign investment now. They are not looking for military might or weapons, but to preserve a long term trade with the rest of the


Julijan Alps are the most beautiful part of Alps mountain which stretch through several countries in Europe. They are part of Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and they are most beautiful mountain in the world for me. People who lives there build they own style of life and I like it. Nature is amazing as you can


How Davos Brings the Global Elite Together

It was setup back in the 70's as a global forum to enrich the society through economic advancement. But, in reality, poverty stays the same while the rich are getting richer and richer every year.

But, hey, you can't escape Davos. This tiny town in the Alps has turned themselves into a fortress where world economy direction would be decided

China's Xi to promote 'inclusive' globalization at Davos

I don't blame him. And in my opinion, Xi has a broader perspective toward globalization.

The culture of "laissez fere" that has been going on for century is China ultimate dream before this century is over. The fact that the western world is still hesitant to approach it due to fear of losing their ground shows that the people can't be

Rescue Dogs

In the Swiss Alps dogs Bernards are members of the rescue teams that help people if need help. They wear around neck a brandy keg that will for some time prevent freezing until it reaches emergency! This is a big dog with a big


Syngenta shares jump after US clears ChemChina deal - BBC News

This is really stupid. The company is based in Switzerland, only 25% of their business involved in the US and want to be bought by the Chinese conglomerates, but they have to wait until the US government clear the deal.

WTF! This should be between Switzerland anti trust court and doesn't need to bring the US into this.

Of course if that


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