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Politics: Turkey rips US choice to arm Syrian Kurdish fighters

Of course Erdogan will go against Trump in this case. By selling US weapon to the Kurds, they can attack Turkey even better. But Dumbo will do it anyway under the table. Although it might not be on the surface, but the truth is that US has been supplying the Kurds with weapon since Saddam Hussein era.

Politics: Wilbur Ross Calls Syria Attack Trump's 'Entertainment' At Mar-A-Lago

What a bunch of nitwit! Killing hundreds of civilian and wasting $60 million of taxpayer money is an entertainment? Anyone who has common sense should know that the military industry needs to make money all the time, thus by doing this they can get a fresh new order from the DOD!

Politics: Trump administration imposes sanctions on 271 employees of Syrian research center

Does this ever work? C'mon! The US never frozen the bank account of drug dealers or mafia don't they?

They could withdraw the money and cash it since they do not have any savings in the US institution. Or they could switch to bitcoin or any other digital currency.

One thing that kinda cheesy here is that they do not mention the name of

War: Just What Is Trump Trying to Do in Syria?

Nothing! He just listened to the military advisor that they need to replace about 59 Tomahawk cruise missile with the new one since these are the old one and about to get rust if it's being kept alive all the time at the sea!

War never solve anything and it just make more money for the privateer. And the president just want to get his rating

Abnormal Psychology: Trump delights in watching the US military display its strength

I'm telling you man! This guy is crazy. Just one picture about children that being sprayed by medicinal water because they got hit by chemical weapon prompt Trump to attack Syria.

Heck, he even try a new conventional weapon called MOAB in Afghanistan against the IS rebel too. So, you can conclude that this maniacal leader will kill other

Politics: Trump reinforces turnaround on Syria and Russia

Of course, Trump is Putin poodle after all. Worse, even Tillerson was one of them since he was one of the few American who was awarded civilian highest honor by Putin.

I bet you that Trump find out that the chemical weapon comes from the US through the Saudi as a result of CIA operations in

Politics: US-Russia relations at another low after Syria attacks

I thought Trump ever mentioned that during Obama term, the relationship between US and Russia were the lowest and he attacked Clinton during the debate that the relationship will continue to be more soured if she get elected.

But, what happen now! The truth is, Trump couldn't even shake Putin and Kremlin. In fact, he keeps sucking the NATO

Politics: No one should feel good about Trump's attack on Syria

Trump try to peck a fight with Assad even further to enrich his foreign policy in the region. If the argumentation here correct, and the assumption that he wants Putin to join them in the cause, then Assad would be thrown away in a short time.

But of course we should consider the third party behind the screen, the Israeli, who has something


War: Russia condemns US missile strike on Syria, suspends key air agreement

See, this is why WW3 between US and Russia will start in Syria. The fact that it become the battle ground between two countries show that the life of the civilian is no longer their consequences.

But Russia has plenty anti-tomahawk missile over there too and if Putin pissed off, he could activate it and thus Putin's poodle might have to


Hillary Clinton: US should 'take out' Assad's air fields

Ah shut up Hill Dog! If the US should take out Assad, they should do it long time ago while she was the Secretary of State and not now when the damage is too far.

We all know that the US create IS and the crony NATO was the one that put Assad in charge of Syria so they can get the oil. We all know that Assad was UK educated and has UK's born

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