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China media: Trump 'playing with fire' on Taiwan - BBC News

Trump ain't gonna win. He thinks that if he embraces Taiwan, he could dictate Beijing. Hell no! There are other countries in the world that even drop their support for Taiwan in favor for mainland.

The fact that the core of Chinese politics are all about business and trade, Trump should be smarter than a Peking Duck street vendor in Hong

China hits back at Trump, says one-China policy is 'non-negotiable' - Fox News

ROFL! Trump ain't gonna win. He just use Taiwan as a pawn for the new trade contract with China.

The Chinese already corner most of the world trade route and business. While the US were busy displaying their military might, the Chinese go backdoor and put their money for long term

China scores new victories in Africa as Taiwan handed diplomatic blow

No. Nigeria didn't cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan. There were never a diplomatic ties with them in the first place. The Taiwan government has a business or trade representative with the country for quite sometimes.

But the Chinese mainland aka Beijing plays hardball with Buhari and his administration. They want to be in Abuja, thus making

As angry China Watches, Taiwan President Takes A Risky Trip To The Americas

I can see that China is just like a lion with a sheep cloth when it comes to dealing with the United States Of America, this is not the first time it is surfacing, the Chinese has been looking for a way to trigger some troubles but Donald Trump has been overlooking them. Taiwan have their own reasons of congratulating


Taiwan says will be calm when dealing with China, but 2017 will test natio... - Reuters

It ain't gonna happen. Even if the Chinese want it now, they won't get Taiwan. Tsai is playing hardball with the mainland since her position is quite critical.

Even if the west is feeding Taiwan, they won't be able to sustain much longer. It's just competing who can hold their breath much


African island nation Sao Tome cuts diplomatic ties with Taiwan

Hey man! The country in dire needs of money. Where else they can turn into? Of course the Chinese. But this time, the mainland China and not the Taiwanese.

I beginning to believe that soon or later, the number of country that has diplomatic relation with Taiwan will soon dwindling to only a handful. Everyone wants Beijing money


War over Taiwan undesirable, but not unthinkable - Stars and Stripes

It ain't gonna happen when the US interfere with the Chinese affairs. Even if the US messing it up, they probably send some insurgence similar to what they did in the middle east and make it looks like both side are fooling around at the expense of other people.

This article is a


Taiwan Is Both Exhilarated and Unnerved by Trump's China Remarks

"Many people in Taiwan worry that once Trump takes office, he'll make a U-turn," Mr. Lin said. "We are suspicious of his motivations."

Of course he will make a U-turn. Heck, do you think Taiwan government can hold 10% US GDP similar to what China has been doing so far? Hell no!

Trump grew up to be fed by silver


Gov't hints at easing Japan food ban

Well, the Taiwanese government do not have lots of option. Seriously, from political standpoint, they depend on Japan more rather than the mainland China due to political reason.

What worse is that the US backed ROC is being brainwashed too much to the point that they actually pay more for the food from Japan rather than from the mainland.


Taiwan looks to ease Fukushima-linked curbs on Japan food products

ban on food with "high safety risks," such as baby food and processed food.

When you have to import a baby food, then you know that you have a problem with your society! Seriously! Are parents not capable to make or provide their own baby with food so they have to buy it from other country?

If you start feeding


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