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Erdogan Surprised by Merkel's Demands to Release Journalist Arrested in Turkey

You know, I wonder why Turkey is not leaving NATO and drop their bid to become EU member state by now? What the heck is Erdogan thinking?

I think faux Merkel plays her game very hard here since Erdogan will stop at nothing to get everyone that conspire against him regardless which country they are.


Turkey orders wanted expats including Fethullah Gulen to return home

Do you think that Gulen will return to Turkey when Erdogan is in power? Hell no!

Unless the US specifically extradite him back to Turkey, then he could see his homeland again. We all know that he has a green card due based on investment. In fact, how in the world he could live in US this long unless he has a special


Angora rabbit

Angora rabbit is one of the oldest domesticated, a genesis in Ankara, Turkey. The French have it imported as a pet in the 18th century., And later spread throughout Europe. This ball of fur is highly prized because of fur - wool that is silky and soft.
This species is usually grown in white in order to eventually create strains of black,


Politics: Turkey rips US choice to arm Syrian Kurdish fighters

Of course Erdogan will go against Trump in this case. By selling US weapon to the Kurds, they can attack Turkey even better. But Dumbo will do it anyway under the table. Although it might not be on the surface, but the truth is that US has been supplying the Kurds with weapon since Saddam Hussein era.

Expat: Referendum divides Turkish expats

Dichotomy among expats are normal. What not normal is if the expats start fighting each other while living in another country. The incident in Germany and Netherlands proof that once you are in other country, you must follow the local laws and not making a rally or creating trouble for purpose of freedom of expression in foreign

Politics: Trump calls Erdogan to congratulate him on contested referendum, Turkey says

Well, the result is not even being finalized yet, but there is an indication of fraud since Erdogan is so ambitious to become the next middle east dictator.

Considering that Turkey and Iran is the last democratic country in the middle east, although Iran is being branded as bad nation by the US, the western trap is working to make Turkey as

Turkey: Polls open in Turkey's historic referendum on reforms

The question now is whether the result would be cheated or not. If there is any indication of voter fraud, then all hell will break loose.

The entire EU and middle east know that if majority vote "yes", then Erdogan will be a full blown dictator at least until 2029. Something to think about where the nation is in deep economic trouble

Expats: More than 1M Turkish expats vote in referendum

The problem is that why the overseas or expat vote is much more important to Erdogan and the current government? 1 million is nothing compared to 75 million total. But I guess, one single vote might count otherwise.

The question is whether the count would be right or not. We all know that Erdogan is on the way to become a full blown dictator

Turkey: Expat Turks begin voting in referendum on president's powers

What's the odds that Erdogan and his cronies will not botch this referendum?

Judging from the expats comments and protest all over the EU, it shows that most of them reject such referendum. But democracy must be done although the result is something that we might not like in the near

Politics: Turkish expats urged to take a stand against 'autocrat' Erdogan

Erdogan thinks that he could get more votes from the expats, but most people that live in other country and know about Erdogan totalitarianism will not support him.

One thing for sure, he couldn't dictate anyone or any organization that domicile in foreign soil. In fact, he starts getting paranoid that he suing everyone and every entity that

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