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Drinking Turkish coffee ?

Do you love in the morning to drink a cup of coffee right Turkey? She cooked as in the old coffee pots? The one that smells of a cell house without getting it there? Or you prefer this new cafe, which does not face not


Germany: Turkish expats told to spy on Erdogan critics in German schools

This is really stupid. Merkel wouldn't stand for it. How in the world that other countries could dictate the educational system in one of the most developed country in the world?

The fact that Erdogan and his administration starts to get paranoid like this is a sign of political instability in Turkey, even it comes from their internal


Turkey Parliament Triggers Referendum on Presidential System - Bloomberg

Looks like Erdogan will be a full blown dictator this year. The fact that the referendum has passed the congress and only needs people approval then most likely, he will be one of those crazy world leaders.

The question now is how far he will use his own new power at this time. The fact that coup d'etat failed because he has more people

UNICEF: 40% of Syrian children in Turkey not in school

And what the UNICEF can do other than complaining and making such reports?

What they need is to build a temporary school especially in the refugee camp and work together with the other UN bodies like UNHCR that handled refugees. What so hard to cut the red tape rather than blaming the local government for not providing education to the

Reports: Istanbul nightclub attacker who killed 39 captured - Yahoo News

So, good news for the police, but bad news for the intelligence.

If this person is known terrorist that come from Uzbekistan, then the Turks could strengthen their border and deport all of those immigrant that already in their "concentration camp" back to their homeland.

I smell something fishy

Pilot Error Likely Cause Of Kyrgyztan Plane Crash

The recently plane crash that killed many of the Turkish locals traveling from the Hong Kong to Bishek has raised so many concerns as investigation is been carried out on the cause of the crash, the government was suggesting that it might be as a result of mistake made by the pilot but i seriously doubt it, i think that plane was not properly


Shopping center opened doors for abandoned dogs!

One shopping center in Istanbul these days is in the public eye. Especially those of the public who loves animals! The photo that appeared on the popular Imgur has over 200,000 views! In it, the dogs, abandoned, warmed. And it's all thanks to them!

It was a snowstorm in Istanbul. This photo was taken today in the "Atrium", it is a shopping


Turkey Says it Can Sell Companies, Strip Expats of Citizenship in Gulen Purge

Erdogan and his administration will stop at nothing. I think I start to get the picture here why the US dragging their feet to extradite Gullen back into Turkey.

It could be that Gullen is the forefront of the CIA or any other intelligence agency. After all, if they can't get Syria, they might try to destabilized their neighbor,


In Istanbul District, Horror But Scant Surprise At Link To Night Club Shooter

One way or the other, the shooting must have been well planned and orchestrated by those wicked souls. The man that planted those flowers might have lost love ones in the process of that shooting. I hope he finds peace.


Turkey Enters a New, Dark Phase

And this is what the terrorist wants anyway. By spreading FUD all over the societies, they can control the people easily. And when they do, they will move in in full force to take over the town.

Typical and classic warfare strategy. Sacrifices a couple of their members to get something greater at later


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