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Total Chaos: Expat couple arrested in Abu Dhabi for sex outside of marriage

This is the problem when you live in a country that do not have a respect for privacy. But on the other hand, you must obey the local law anyway.

I always believe that as long as what you do is at the convenience of your own home and do not encroach public space, then it's not the government business to intrude into your


Amid Russia scrutiny, Trump associates received informal Ukraine policy proposal - Washington Post

I bet you this is not a fake news since the NY Times stood by their report.

Well, while they're busy kissing ass to Kremlin, the American people are getting harder and harder to make the ends meet. Maybe they might as well give the country to the Russian to administer it instead of these Putin's

Russia Announces Another Ceasefire Deal With Ukraine Amid Tensions With West -

Russia ain't gonna back down. Putin idea is to curb the Ukranian so it can be more like their little brother rather than joining the EU and listen more to the west.

The long term goal of Putin is to make trade deal with individual country in EU and then split them like they used to instead making a blanket economic deal that cover the entire

Russia: Ukraine's Ban On Military Exports Not A Big Problem

A good business relationship have been going on between the two country, Russia have been relying on Ukraine on weapon market. This article is very good, i erg you to read through it with the link provided below. You will find so may things that these countries have in common.


Expat family adjusts to life back in the US

"We are starting with a clean slate," Miriam Engstrom said. "We are not the same people who moved away six years ago, that's for sure. We're a third-culture family."

And that really sums up being an expat... when you arrive in a new country (or when you return). "starting with a clean slate" take advantage of that!


15 Harrowing Photos That Capture The Reality Of Ukraine's AIDS Epidemic

Oh my god, this pictures make me so sad when I look at it. As they already said, it is approximately 290.000 people living with HIV in Ukraine. All start back in 2014. And as we already know, we should blame

Ministry willing to help Ukrainian model seek Taiwan citizenship

Chang cited Taiwan's Nationality Act as saying that if Bakurova cannot obtain the renunciation certificate for reasons beyond her control, and foreign affairs authorities have investigated and determined that it is true, then Bakurova does not need to provide the certificate.

Wow that's something new! With regards


Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to resign

After the bid to enter EU is being rejected by the Netherlands, Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk resigned his position. Of course lots of people are hoping that he will stay since his two years program eradicate corruption is slightly take effect. Despite his efforts, his biggest hindrance is from his legislative bodies too as the corrupt president and his


Looking for property throughout Ukraine

I'm in development phase of Ukrainian project for humanitarian and economic development. If you have land or real estate for sale please contact

Ukraine: Movies About Russian Police and Military Banned

(Apr. 6, 2015) On April 2, 2015, the President of Ukraine signed into law the Bill on Amending Legislative Acts Concerning Protection of Ukrainian TV and Radio Media

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