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Politics: Federal agency rules Trump's DC hotel lease is in 'full compliance'

Which federal agency? Of course Trump has planned before to install his cronies in the legal department so whenever this issue arises, he would be legal. He's been planning to run for president since January 21, 2013 anyway.

But, his sons who were listed as the head of the company might channel the money to his father. Perfect and clean

Politics: Democrats Plan to Filibuster to Thwart Gorsuch Nomination

When these meatballs will grew up? The seat has been empty for over a year since Scalia died. Democrats nominate Garland and the GOP didn't like it so they filibustering Garland. And now, the Dems will retaliate against the GOP because their choice was fallen.

Heck, Gorsuch could go either way here. If he does after being confirmed, he could

Conspiracy: Trump's First 100 Days: A rundown of the latest allegations on Trump camp and Russia

Heck, it's not even 100 days yet and it has been a mess since the election... or even before.

Let's forget about all of this things and sleep well. Let's hope that you will wake up without seeing a mushroom clouds from your window the next morning.

Too much mess in this

Stupidity: Food company recalls more than 11 tons of mislabeled jerky products

This is how stupid the law is and also the people who bought this type of junk food. C'mon, beef jerky contain soy? Well, I know that cow, deer and ostrich will eat soy, but doesn't that being processed inside their own body? So, if you kill them and processed it to become a jerky, where's the soy come

Legal: Could Justice Neil Gorsuch Could Become Conservatives' Next Worst Nightmare?

TLDR! One thing for sure, he could be the next John Marshall as far as I'm concern. Heck, the senate could request to read most of his cases when he was the judge at the tenth circuit. Moreover, they could understand his philosophy just by reading his book on euthanasia and assisted suicide. So, what's the problem? Political

Corruption: Apple pays zero tax in NZ despite sales of $4.2 billion

That is how big boys do. They made the deal directly with the government and then, get a tax holiday for years. The only thing they pay is just a rent tax, license to distribute the product and perhaps a little sales tax which is also being charged to their customers.

The question is whether the Kiwi's government will penalize Apple or not.

Dictatorism: Trump Warns House Republicans: Repeal Health Law or Lose Your Seats

So, Orange 1 is on the way to becoming a worse dictator in US history. He started to threaten his own party members to the point that if they do not vote, he will not back him up in next year election.

Heck, he should think the other way around. If any members of the GOP vote, they could loose their seat at their home state, regardless how

Health: Trump heads to Capitol Hill to close the deal on health care

What's the odds that he will screw up everything. Even the economic and health care expert already mentioned that if he cuts the ACA without a concrete plan, the number of uninsured people will go up significantly. It could be even bigger than when Obama took over presidency from


Politics: Less Than One-Quarter Of The Public Thinks Donald Trump Is Respected By Other Leaders

And now the American people has open their eyes. They realize that they have voted a full blown "asshole" into the White House. Worse, some of them are even support him wholeheartedly as long as the one that occupy the White House is not Hill-dog nor anyone from political


Exclusive: Tillerson plans to skip NATO meeting, visit Russia in April

Instead of having a meeting with the allies, he decided to go straight to the cookie's den. I think what most people doesn't see is that, let's forget NATO or Europe and make Russia as the ruler of the European continent. So, if the EU is being attacked from both sides, then they will collapse eventually. Remember, history proved that when you

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