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The Latest: Trump invites Panama, Trinidad-Tobago leaders - Washington Post

Aha! So the circle is complete now. He wants to hide his money in this offshore tax haven country. Moreover, if he could further extend his real estate business into these two, it would be even better.

I bet you that Eric and Ivanka would attend the meeting as well since they need to get going about hiding their personal wealth in tax haven


There is no definite age when it comes to marrying. Its upto the both parties if they are ready for the responsibilities of having own family. So both parties must be matured physically, mentally, and spiritually. Because marriage is a serious commitment

Former DC schools chief takes on DeVos: 'Sorry lady - this is so amateur and unprofessional' - Washington Post

Of course she's unprofessional. She was chosen to wreck the public school system anyway and send most of the school to the privateer so they can make money from both sides of the spectrum.

This is the reason why Trump cabinet is just a bunch of corporate executive. He's not draining the swamp. He add more mud to it so the parasitic monster

Memos signed by DHS secretary describe sweeping new guidelines for deporting illegal immigrants - Washington Post

More craps coming from Washington. To handle the new regulations, they will hire another 10,000 ICE agents and over 2500 new border patrol agents. Duh!

Hey, maybe they could get it from the southern right winger who want to pursue a career in the federal

Mariah Carey has new boyfriend after breakup with ex just few months ago

After just few months when Mariah Carey confirmed she broke up with his businessman ex-boyfriend, now she confirmed she has a new boyfriend, who is his back-up dancer.

Oh, that is so quick to move on and find a new one. It is just normal to a lot of celebrities

Trump trashed slap Serbs

The United States, together with all the citizens of Kosovo celebrated winning the historic gold medal at the Olympic Games in Brazil, as well as the debut of representation of Kosovo in international games of


Rambo (Film series)

This film series is based on the David Morrell's novel "First Blood". This movie series follows life of American ex marine after he is back form Vietnam. Main character John Rambo has big problems to fit in the society after everything that he past trough in the war. Rambo is my favorite film


If You Care About Food, You Need to Care About Immigration Policy

According to the 2014 Hunger Report, over 70 percent of farm workers are foreign-born, with an estimated half of those undocumented.

Eat that dummy! 70% of workers in the agriculture industries are immigrants. And I bet that estimation could be even higher than 50%.

The fact that Trump will try to deport all of

Court Rules Doctors Can Ask Patients About Gun Ownership - Daily Caller

Woot? I don't get it! Why suddenly doctors need to know if their patients has a gun or not? For mental health patient, there is a thin line between asking and find out through the examination by the doctor. But, even that, it considers a patient and doctor confidential and can't be exposed on the

Trump calls the media 'the enemy of the American People' - Washington Post

Well, in some sense, his statement is true. In fact, he uses the media to convey his stupid foreign policy too. Yes, using less than 140 words on Twitter.

So, who's dumber? The GROTUS or the people on the US and the world who has been following and brainwashed by the western

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