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Searching the net I found a lot of information in print and video attachments, I have found this to me seemed to be better. I think you'll make it here a lot what you're interested in to find . I hope you will be of great


Latin American Post

Here is the Latin American Post for you. I think that articles are easy enough so they can be translated in Spanish. //l[1]

But this page also have Spanish version so you can use that and don't have to translate it yourself.



There is this site which is great when it comes to searching local happening in other countries. I use to use it when I travel, since it gives you reports and actual news about the country that you wanna learn about or research about before visiting. Hope it



I love British Telegraph. That news company sends out only trusted information, and they have separate segment on their site exclusively for Latin America. I included link here so you can visit for the latest news, and see if it helps.


MercoPress or LAHT

You could search local papers in individual countries if you like, but I always use //l[1] and //l[2]. I think those two are sufficient for me in general.

Of course if you want to be more specific, you could search the internet for more regional topics like environment or socio-economy relation in each country or province. Good


Best Place to Live in South America

Best Place to Live in South America

Please share your thoughts about the best place in South America to live. Simply tick the box corresponding to your favorite South American Country and leave a comment about why you love it there.

Please select which you


An Expat Guide to the Asado, the Holy Grail of All Pleasures in Argentina

It's a nice overall guide. Yet it's missing a great deal of key pointers that are vital at any asado:
Don be afraid to use your hands to eat, if you don't want to "get your hand in it" just use some bread to grab pieces of meat, as sandwiches.
"Morcilla", don't ask, just eat it. Once you like it, ask what it is (I wont spoil it, some


Neater Heaters are now the choice of expats in Spain

Winter heat is something that can be easily overlooked by expats that are using to taking good, whole house, heating systems for granted.

I've not been to Spain, so I can't comment on the situation there. However, in Uruguay, a few have found winter extremely uncomfortable because they rented a place without asking about the heating.



Thursday Night #Expat Meeting Was Informative. See You Sunday at #Fellini

Thursday Night #Expat Meeting Was Informative. See You Sunday at


20 destinations for 2015: Uruguay

Uruguay has many tourist places their cultures has gotten allot of places for new visiters . people to visit during their visit there is allot of good beaches there is punta del este aslasd asfo;po ana dpoe eaa and allot more places to visiit that are great!!! and allot of fun to
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