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South Pacific islands ban western junk food and go organic

Good! That's how they should do. The fact that many locals are pushing more and more of traditional cuisine proofs that processed food is not good for your health.

Of course for a small island like this, it's easier to do than done. Try it in a bigger country. The people's mindset will take sometimes to

Vanuatu: Amendments to Reserve Seats in Parliament for Women to Be Introduced

(May 27, 2016) On May 20, 2016, the Vanuatu Minister of Justice, Ronald Warsal, stated in a radio interview that the government would introduce a bill that would reserve a certain number of seats for women in the Parliament. ( Michael Walsh, Vanuatu Paves Way for Women's Seats in Parliament , ABC NEWS (May 20, 2016).) The bill would seek to


Philipp Merillat Profile

I am interested in properties with waterfalls or views of waterfalls for sale in Fiji or

Bringing my two little dogs to Vanuatu

I have two of the most adorable little pooches that I just must being with me as I travel to Vanuatu. I will be staying at hotels, so, I have a few questions.

My two dogs are over ten, and on the old side, they are trained to come and fetch, etc, and to do their business politely and when no one is watching.

(one day, in here in New York, I

kimberley (7) Profile

So very keen to find employment

in the beautiful city of Port Vila, Vanuatu. Qualification in tutoring/

teaching young

Vanuatu Recipe for Mouthwatering Recipes

The banana pie recipe has simple steps to follow but very delicious. It is good to get acquainted with different recipes to have some varieties of mouthwatering food. Vanuatu Recipe would allow people to know the basic steps in cooking. This is a good start to improve the hidden cooking talent within ourselves. This is very essential because

Big open living area including dining and kitchen

High ceilings, cool breezes, double opening sliding doors onto covered balcony with views straight down the harbour. This house is for rent in a well established part of Port Vila Vanuatu from


Front of house with car port

House for rent in Port Vila



Great views across bay to town and cruise ship in background on right side of



Well set out kitchen with views across the bay to


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