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Now they have no excuse to do it!

This way of "engaging" in bed while you are actually sleeping has a positive influence on anxiety, depression, making good decisions, and accumulating energy. The latest trend in the world is the dribbling in the gym, launched by the famous fitness chain Dejvid Lojd Džims from Centa.

This practice implies a collective sleep for 45



Ginger is a tropical spice plant, reaches a height of 100 - 150 cm, its leaves are tattered and long, which makes it reminiscent of the reed. The plant grows up to one meter in height, its roots are fleshy and thick as a finger up to 20 cm long and is very aromatic. The flowers are intense, yellow or pink in color, depending on the species. The


Selection of dumbbells for warming warm leaves

The heat produced by the unsaturated fertilizer is generated by the activity of microorganisms by fermentation. There are many types of microorganisms, all of which are aerobic, active in degradation of organic matter in the presence of air, and anaerobic, active in the absence of air. A more compact manure in warm leaves begins to be disrupted


Belgrade Zoo Garden

In the Garden of Good Hope these days a wonderful thing happens - make a real baby boom! Slim wolves, servals, raccoons and gazelles are just some of the youngest residents of the Beo zoo, who have come to the world for a few days. Everyone who visits the Garden of the Next Days will be able to see baby moufflons , young antelopes, but also new


Messi is an Outstanding Player

Lionel Messi is an Outstanding football player, he was exceptional during the El Classico games between the world two biggest football clubs, that is real Madrid and Barcelona. The two teams played an awesome game and Messi came out to become the best man in the


15 Cool breast Feeding Facts

These are 15 facts that a breast feeding mother should know about breast feeding their little babies very well.
Some ladies don't breast feed their babies, because they don't want their breast to fall flat and looks sleeping, but they don't really know the wrong that they are doing to those babies.
Do you breast feed your baby when ever

How Do You keep your Home?

Home is the first place that will go and live in after our daily jobs, because that is where we dwell in.

Some people do not know how to keep their homes, even when that knew that they are having visitors in some hour to come.

Is your home neat or dirty? And How do you keep your


Summer movies 2017 offer superheroes, aliens and surprising substance

It's summer time! It seems movies that will open during the season are more about superheroes, aliens, and a lot more. I am excited to some movies opening like "Transformers 4" and "Spider-Man: Homecoming". I am not interested in alien movies though. "Wonderwoman" is coming too but I am not yet enticed to watch it. Only the two mentioned movies

Blue - Breathe Easy

Blue has been the top boy band the time they were releasing music as some boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC took hiatus, while Westlife has diminishing popularity when a member left. This song "Breathe Easy" was one of their hits then which was a success here in Asia. While in their hometown, it managed to become a top 5


Video Thumb Nail

Society: Unlocking the potential of technology

I deeply humble and fully appreciate the photographer and author in this issue. The above picture is an example on how technology has entered the lowest class or the poorest of the society. Admitted that the technology is there but the infrastructure might not be there to support it, but at least, we could teach the younger generation of what

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