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I've never raced for career

I am economical technician. I wanted to be a professor of mathematics, but after the first year of study dropped out. Not one day I regretted it. I am a housewife. In the true sense of the word. That's my job, love, reality. The parents wanted to do work that I love. I never imagined myself, that I would be at home and do what I do. Fantastic

Food: Dunedin company 'fingerprints' free range eggs to prevent food fraud

So, even if they fingerprint it, how do we know it's legit? Do they just label them or fingerprint their DNA?

I know that in some country the producer must label each egg packaging with free range or caged. But with so many faked these days, the quality of egg is depend on the diet of the

The love that I have on my work

Yes, I always follow my heart instead of perks like money or any other facilities that one meatballs company can give me.

In my humble opinion, it's not money that give me happiness about my works, but the chemistry behind it. If the "shoes" fit, then I never feel like working every day in my

I am trying to protect victims somehow

I don't know what is the reason for some young person to has a need to bother someone else, and to bully him. It is seen nowadays among young people to mistreat or bully others and especially people with disabilities. It is awful to see the situation of bulling innocent people, and I am always trying in some manner to protect some people who

What factor influenced you for your present Job

Career paths are diverse around the world. Many people choose what their parents want them to become, others follow their hearts. Some people are doctors, some are barristers and some are engineers. All the fields are different from each other.
My career path is programming, I find it to be what I will excel best, I choose this because our

azuki beans

Azuki bean (Phaseolus angularis) originates from the Himalayas, and in China and Korea used for over 2,000 years. He was later transferred to Japan, where it is today after the second most widely used soy beans. Dry beans are oval-shaped, dark red or brown in color, measuring about 0.5 cm. In Japan, by cooking with sugar, which gives a sweet


Multiflorous beans

India and Pakistan are major manufacturers, in Europe greater economic significance in England. Is sensitive to low temperatures and quickly suffer from poor cold. At high temperatures and dry air rejects flowers. Resistance to disease and wind and is suitable for cultivation in the hilly areas. It is grown as an annual crops, and in warmer


Lima beans

Lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus) comes from Central and South America, where it is grown for over 2500 years. In tropical areas it is perennial, but most are grown as an annual crop. It grows up to 4 meters in height, although today you can find determinant shrub types height of 60-90 cm. Husk is crescent-shaped making it kind of got a Latin


purple chard

This is a beautiful kind of chard, which is also known as leaf beet. The leaves are dark green and almost completely level, and stalking is attractive purple color. It is very resistant and can be presented very high temperatures and milder frosts. It can be used as a substitute for


berry spinach

Spinach edible berry is a one anual plant, but as an ancient European vegetables grown from around 1800, when it was replaced by the current ordinary spinach, and he fell into oblivion and moved to Asia. Today, back to the European places. This is very unusual vegetables, which fascinates with its appearance, but meets and gourmet appetites.


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