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USA: Trump Ducks Blame For Deadly Yemen Raid -

Of course he ducked the question. What else that he could done although he authorizes the mission. And now, the mission was botched and claimed the lives of many people including several US citizen (that little girl was US citizen by the way).

Everyone know that the president has the power to send military to encroach the foreign sovereignty


Yemen: As food crisis worsens, UN agencies call for urgent assistance to avert catastrophe

I read the FAO report couple months ago. And this prolonged war between the Sunni backed by Saudi and US against the Houthi has taken its toll beyond belief.

There would be massive hunger which can result in million deaths within the next year or so. But of course, they do not care since the perpetual war in middle east make money for the

Trump makes unannounced trip to honor fallen Navy SEAL - Fox News

First special forces operation under Trump, and two Americans died. One SEAL team members and the other is 8 years old American girl. So, the question is what he would do next? Will he attend the little girls funeral too since she's American despite her father terrorism ties?

One thing for sure, the US paramilitary operations overseas need

Iran may seek naval bases in Yemen or Syria: chief of staff

Aha ah ah! If this is true, where do you think they will get the military support from? The Chinese and Russian?

Of course in Syria it would be easier since Assad still in power. But in Yemen, where the Houthi do not like either Saudi and Iran, things could get more complicated than it looks or


US-backed, Saudi-led coalition found responsible for Yemen funeral attack that killed more than 100 - Washington Post

What else is new! By attacking a large civilian gathering like this, they were not only killing the highest ranking member of the Houthi, but also their family. One stop, kill them all.

The world already know that the Saudi is US backed. Where do you think they get all the weapon!

Maybe O-bummer needs to return his Nobel Peace Prize back


Another missile attack aimed at the US Navy from rebel-held territory in Yemen - Washington Post

So, just one failed missile attack on the US is a justification for the US to retaliate back. Duh!

Hey that tomahawk cruise missile is costing taxpayer $1 million every time it's fired from the ships.

Why the US must intervene? Let the Saudi mess with it and get out of the region. At least the Saudi buys weapon from the US in exchange for


Middle East|US Navy Ship Comes Under Fire Near Yemen - New York Times

Oh this is great! This will provoke the US to enter the war against the Houthi in Yemen. What else is new!

Perfect opportunity for the government to allocate more money to the military and of course it will bring more money to the US military industry since they have been supplying the Saudi with their


3 outdated rules in the recruitment process should be changed

Like a traditional ritual: all of you wear your best clothes, show off in front of the judges and answer the questions, try to act smart and inoffensive. It's a beauty contest? No, I'm talking about a recruitment interview.

But apparently, it is not what it should be. The judges of a beauty contest may never see the contestant again, but a

VMST: Actively Protect Overseas Vietnamese Workers Against Mers-CoV

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (also, Mers-CoV) has been currently the word of the day as a result of its strong outbreaks and complicated spread in many countries, especially in S.Korea and Middle East - the hot pot of overseas Vietnamese workers. Between June 17th and June 19th 2015, 12 additional cases of Mers-Cov alongside 5


What will you receive for the good services you provide?

Vietnam Manpower is famous as one of leading headhunter company in Vietnam. Its manpower services are diverse, from construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, agriculture, hospitality, and more. Within 15 years' experience in recruitment, we receive many good respond from our precious customers. Here's one of


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