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She was the most beautiful actress of Yugoslavia and died of heroin in the apartment without furniture!

If Sonja Savic still among us, this year to celebrate 40 years of his career, because back in 1977, first appeared in film and began to write history in the film industry.
She was one of the most popular actresses of the former Yugoslavia, moved the boundaries of drama and film and was one of the most beautiful women in the region. Arts


Worldwide visited, and here he did not want to come! Why is Tito avoided this city in Serbia ?!

Lifelong Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito in history has remained famous for its international tours, visits to countries across the world and journeys that lasted several months. However, at home, in the heart of Serbia, there is a city that has avoided a wide berth!
The urban legend that is told in Cacak end says that the rulers Serbia


Drazen Dalipagic

Drazen Dalipagic one of the best of our basketball players. Popular both in Serbia and in all areas of the former Yugoslavia. He achieved the highest score for the national team of Yugoslavia all the time. U during his playing, I loved basketball, as well as the majority of the population. At that time, the famous team of legendary players.


Marija Serifovic

Marija Serifovic is a popular singer in Serbia, and in the former Yugoslavia. Prayer is the song of Marija Serifovic with which she won the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. Thanks to Marija Serifovic and her song, Eurovision was held in Belgrade in 2008. Prayer is a beautiful song, full of emotion. I love to hear it


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Yes, I very much like to hear a group of White Button (Bijelo Dugme), every song they hit. No matter what group no longer exists, and that every member of the group has his own career, their songs they know and the new generation. I like it for two or three years, got back together, and they give concerts all over

Bijelo Dugme is Evergreen

I love it, this is one of the best rock group on the Balkan!
They brings rock on the region with interesting sound with great songs!
I can't say who is singer was better they all have specific tone of voice!
But if i choose one , that's would be Mladen Vujicic TIFA! My friend MIlan Lukic you love or not, they was one of the best

Fish Soup

One of the most popular rock bands in Serbia's Fish Soup, there are more than thirty years are the favorite songs and listen to all their favorite generation are in the former Yugoslavia. With their music I grew up, my favorite song is "Angels". One of the best. Fish Soup deserves all the praise the


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Pita od mesa

Meat pie traditional dishes from the Balkans, each housewife can do it without problems. We need the dough, the village women make their own dough, then we need meat and pepper. Someone who wants or likes can put meat and potatoes, all depends on how one likes. Mix the mixture well and put the dough and such a complicated place in a baking


Sirnica - Pie of cheese

A treat that you can not avoid not to try. We need the dough, cheese, sour cream and two eggs. Stretch the dough and saved a mixture of cheese, cream and eggs with a spoon put the mixture in rows, wrap and place in a baking dish. After baking, the pie of cheese served with


Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo 1984.

Today on this day in 1984 i was a child and i remember that at this day Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo are opened. That was the most important thing for our ex country. Our Yugoslavia. The Olympic flame traveled more than 7,000 kilometers. From Ancient Olympia, through all ex Yugoslav republics and provinces to the stadium "Kosevo" in


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