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Woman beat up neighbour for making fun of her skin

Really, this is a very serious case oh.
Why must she beat her up? Is she the one that ask her to change the color of her skill.
Or is it because people are calling her too black?
You don't have to change you skill color because people her mocking you.
Just look at her now, how yellowish she looks like, I would her neighbor laugh


Residents in shock as man murders his wife after she discovered a used condom

Seriously, sometimes i just wonder what some men really wants,? How and why do they cheat and go all defensive about it too, see how this lady was just killed in her sleep, for asking her husband why he has a used condom with him, she wasn't fighting him, she asked, and probably, slept off crying, and the beast killed her


President Donald Trump Begins Plan to Arrest Mugabe and 6 other African Leaders within one month

This is really big war between Africa leaders and the United State of America.

With the movement and step that President Donald Trump is going in his new office, there might be a very big problem between him and the world at large.

Just recently He ban all Muslim from America and now He is trying to apprehend all the corrupt present and


Woman with 2 Husband explain how she enjoys sex with them

Woo, this is really serious oh.
Are women allow to marry one than one man in Zimbabwe?
This is a really strong woman indeed.
How is she able to cope up with those two men?
Anyway they are old men that do not have enough strength to perform their manhood right.
If she meet any of this young guys that we have in Nigeria, she


Marriage ceremony ends in serious fight after groom beat up master of ceremony

I don't want to believe this is true, if it is, then the wife has to be very careful, it just shows clearly how temperamental and immature the man is, and if he isn't watched, he will use her as a punch bag, i mean on his own wedding day?


A 43 years old Zimbabwe man remove Manhood in public to masturbate at the sight of a big ass lady

A Zimbabwe man has been arraigned in court for allegedly taking out his manhood in public to masturbate at the sight of some ladies with huge ass. On seeing this ladies with huge ass the said man Mr Earnest he couldn't resist and control himself anymore he had to remove his dick to masturbate. I have been laughing here reading


Man caught making love to a mannequin in broad daylight

I really find this funny as fuck, just wondering what's with this man, even if was that drunk how would he see a mannequin and thinks it's got a hole he's going to stick his dick in? Some men are just stupid though. This guy is stupid not just drunk


LEAKED REPORT: Mugabe 'in trouble with war vets'

Mugabe must yield, that's all! C'mon! He's been in power for the past 30 years and he's 93 years old now. How come he still have a clear mind to govern in the first place.

Zimbabwe is corrupt country to the point that it had undergo demonetization twice. Do they want to go through that again in this economic recession with him in


The Wine World's Unlikeliest Sommeliers?

I feel with them too. As one non traditional sommeliers back in the state where majority of them are normally cornered by a handful of people in the business, I had the same hindrance when I started.

But, hey, time has changed and now, wine and food are considered a necessity in many parts of the world. To the point that even a hard hitting


Zimbabwe water crisis gives rise to backdoor sellers

If you can't even provide the most basic needs for your people, then you do not deserve to be a leader.

Seriously! When this old, senile and crazy Mugabe will step down anyway. He couldn't even provide water, the most essential thing for his people moreover food and shelter.


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