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Econet to Embark On Major Data Network Upgrade

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, which controls 98 percent of the Long Term Evolution data customer market share, has announced a major data network upgrade that will see the mobile network market leader achieve 100 percent 3G coverage across the country by the end of this year.


Mugabe Ruling From Hospital, Say Zimbabwe Opposition

I am not surprised that he is ruling from the hospital, he is not the first president doing that, the president of Nigeria has been ruling Nigeria from his sick bed in London for over three months now. I hope he gets better soon, or else he will be replaced.

Normally he needs to be given some time to recover but not too much time but just

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Says Still 'Upset 'With the Chinese Over Diamond Losses

Of course, he has every reason to be upset but unfortunately he has nothing to do about it, the best way is to forget, it happens when a country fails to explore their natural resources themselves and went to invite a foreigner to explore it for them, I don't really know what he was expecting, there is no way he can't be duped by the Chinese

Trump Sends Envoy to Zimbabwe, Tightens Screws on Mugabe

The last time I checked, the US had serious issues with the Zimbabwe government during the Bush era, I hope this time will be better, although Mugabe always wants to rule Zimbabwe by force but this time that the US is involving in the forth coming 2019 general elections, it might be difficult for but his immunity is always there to cover him.

7 Horny Women Overpower And Gang rape 2 Men In Zimbabwe

This is so surprising. I think this is the first time I am hearing this kind of news. It has always been a man raping a woman. Anyway the ladies sexually abuse the men. They should be persecuted and force to pay dearly for their evil. You can read more below.

Zimbabwe: NGOs Not Welcome in Zimbabwe, Says First Lady Grace Mugabe

The fact that they made a bumper harvest doesn't mean that she should say a thing like that, every countries has its own dark days, what if such day comes and Grace has finally chased out all NGOs, what will be the fate of Zimbabwe?, i expected her and her husband to be more mature in their comments over certain issues.
I just hope that she

IMF warns Zimbabwe against excessive spending

Excessive spending by any government is very dangerous to the country. So many countries including Nigeria that have done that can testify to that. The government should concentrate on how to generate revenues for the country not excessive spending. It is better for them to hid to the advice of the International Monetary Funda

Zimbabwean pastor eaten by 3 crocodiles while trying to walk on water like Jesus

This is what you get when men are walking with zeal but no knowledge. You do not test God. Signs, wonders and miracles are for unbelievers to see and get convinced not for people who are already your members. What he wanted to do was tantamount to showing off.

I wonder what he would have to say bout this in heaven. His stupidity killed him.

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe 'Not Asleep Just Resting His Eyes'

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe is not asleep when he closes his eyes for long periods during meetings but is resting his eyes, his spokesman has said. This is so strange. Even with the picture you can say that the president is deep asleep. I think this is just a mere


Mugabe not asleep but resting his eyes, says spokesman

Lol, that's funny, very funny indeed, he is sleeping his eyes lol.

He must have been tired or getting frustrated at the meeting.

He is old for his age and also wise. Robert is the most educated President of the

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